Montag, 28. April 2008

Business as usual. But at least nicely dressed.

The first day in the office again. After a week off. I can tell you, it was a hard job to get up early enough. Not that I'd be a long sleeper, but with all those work and duties to come it suddenly wasn't that easy anymore as it's just been the day before. At least the sun was shining, my boy was there and it seemed warm enough for a dress. At nine I hit the bike and besides took some photos of all those sweet and delicate blossoms which I saw on the short track... Actually it wasn't so bad at all. Not only but also because of flowering spring time.

Dress: Vintage, eBay.
Scarf: gift.
Jacket: H&M.
Socks: don't know anymore.
Oxford shoes: Vintage, eBay.


Siljesfashion hat gesagt…

I love the dress, such wonderful colours. Goes so well with the beautiful flowers. Great photos!

Misha hat gesagt…

Aww, how cute are you for adding me on the roll! I am sooo in love with the knee socks. I'm always in love with knee socks actually. Colorful delight!

fashion Chalet hat gesagt…

love the pink scarf & blue dress together!!! :)

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