Freitag, 23. Mai 2008

Colourlessness or coolness?

What's it about today's outfit? It looks so colourless (eventhough I'm in love with the dress and its details: the houndstooth buttons and red piping), but this may be subjective. Since my day wasn't a big deal. I hardly managed the amount of work I wanted to and as there's a deadline on Monday my weekend is going to be everything else, but not a weekend. Damn. I'm going to make the best out of it. So let me start with rating this dress to be absolutely cool. Not pale.

Dress: Vintage, eBay.
Leggings: H&M.
Boots: Vintage, eBay.


August hat gesagt…

What an uniquely cool dress! And your boots are tres chic! That is the bed cover that I was talking about!! Long live Ikea!

sarah hat gesagt…

you are so damn cute, i love it!

Meri hat gesagt…

Hi, schau mal bitte auf


ROBOTS hat gesagt…

like your style! your cute :D

annabananna hat gesagt…

cool it is, indeed!

Lady Melbourne hat gesagt…

Don't worry- my outfits are always colourless, it's all in the way you wear it. You always manage to look cute so I wouldn't worry!

Jimena hat gesagt…

dear dotti. your last comment, as usual, was absolutely lovely and just makes me want to post again.

I have to say, I usually like how colorful your outfits are, and how patterns and prints that clash, go amazingly together. But this one might be one of my favorites. It's understated yet interesting.

I'm always amazed at how cute yet sexy you always look on your pictures. I'll keep checking your blog and I'll make sure to let you know when I'm back.

Lots of love

kati hat gesagt…

Is´doch gar nicht farblos - da ist doch ein roter Streifen am Kleid! ;)
Und ich mag die Stiefel!
Also wieder mal ein gelungenes Outfit!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Also dieses Kleidchen ist definitiv cool - nicht eintönig! Die Details sind wirklich klasse. Du musst eine tolle Sammlung von Vintagekleidchen haben!

Vintage Darling hat gesagt…

how do you do being that cute?
teach me! hi hi.


Lou hat gesagt…

The dress is really cool and suits you perfectly but maybe you could try to add some colored shoes? You look like Liv Tyler on the last picture!!!

Dotti hat gesagt…

Dear August, oh, you're having "Rosali" aswell? How cool is that?!
And: Thanks so much for likings dress plus boots.

Oh, Sarah, how cute of you to say so... :)

Liebste Meri, das ist aber wirklich ein Ding, dass du mir solch ein kleines Denkmal setzt. Ich freue mich immens – der heutige Tag ist gleich doppelt sonnig. Lieblingsgrüße: Dotti

Robots, oh, thanks so much for such kind words... :)

Annabananna, ey, krass cool danke, ey.

Lady Melbourne, so nice of you to say so. It makes it so easy for me to agree. ;)

Jimena, you're the best and deserve a bucket full of kisses. Yes.

Nadinsche, ein herzallerliebstes Dankeschön. Und oh ja, eigentlich besitze ich nur Kleider, tonnenweise, und Vintage, klar. Es gibt noch viel zu zeigen... ;)

Kati, du bist ein Schatz. Allerliebsten Dank.

Darling Jessica, oh you are the cutest yourself – there's nothing left I could teach you. I recommend that you teach me.

Oh Lou, what a cool comparison – I love this girl. She's like Snow White. And yes, next time I'll add some more colour to that dress, absolutely right.

kater hat gesagt…

I love your pillowcases! :D

Anonym hat gesagt…

dein stil ist wunderbar, fabulös, einfach chic! grosses kino...

Miss Woo hat gesagt…

I'm a fan for a bit of beige, and those boots and fantastic!

Miss Woo hat gesagt…

I'm a fan for a bit of beige, and those boots and fantastic!

karla hat gesagt…

love your gray boots! you're so freakin cute!

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