Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008

Sailor Heidi.

That's what I wore today. I couldn't decide between Heidi and sailor girl style, so I just mixed. What means that I simply moved some mountains next to the sea. Wasn't a hard thing to do actually.
By the way, the sailor girl dress is one of the pieces I spent some hours with last weekend. The hem was a complete mess and I had to sew it by hand. Of course I could have used the machine, but therefore I would have had to get it out of the cellar. This appeared so much more stressful to me in that moment that I didn't. And got a little tanned while sitting and sewing on my balcony as for a reward. Was it worth it, girls?

Dress: Vintage, eBay.
Leggings: American Apparel.
Traditional Tyrolean jacket: Vintage, eBay.


Poetic Fashion hat gesagt…

eeek! I'm wearing sailor-chic today too. pics to come, but ti's so funny! I came on here and you're sporting blue, white, and red too. Awesome :)

FASHIONPICS hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh das Kleidchen ist perfect - vor allem mit den roten Akzenten!

Charlotte hat gesagt…

Wie lebt sich's mit Bergen in Hamburg?
Tolles Outfit!

Linda hat gesagt…

Super Outfit! das rote Jäckchen gefällt mir am besten!

my little fashion cabinet hat gesagt…

Wow!Echt tolles Outfit!

Miss Woo hat gesagt…

What a cute outfit of red and blue, you look divine!

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow, red leggins! I think i've never seen something nice!^^
this outfit is so typical you! really lovi it!

Anonym hat gesagt…

hey, wo bzw bei wem kaufst du denn vintage bei ebay?

liebe grüße, marie

Vintage Darling hat gesagt…

you look so fab in red/blue/white too! kisses!

Dotti hat gesagt…

All the girls, thanks so much again for all your lovely and kind comments. I appreciate every single one of them.

Poetic fashion, what a coincidence... ;)

Charlottchen, famos! Und wenn ich wirklich mal Bock auf ein paar Hügel habe: Blankenese ist recht bergig. Und liegt zudem gleich am Wasser.

Marie, hm, total unterschiedlich. Eigentlich stolpere ich von Auktion zu Auktion und lasse mich inspirieren... :)

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