Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Super supper.

An extremely quick one. Because I could eat a horse. Question: what can be found in the fridge of a hard working girl?

There was: green salad, eggs, leek, tomatoes and a mango.

The mango plus yoghurt turned into a lassee.
Those will end up as scrumbled eggs.
Oh, by the way: that's what I wore today.
And, tataaaaa, here's the result. My quick and dirty meal was accompanied by some lecture: the latest issue of Manufactum catalogue.
Creamy leek and eggs on pan toasted bread.
Salad with tomatoes and parmesan.
Dress: Vintage, second hand.
Polo shirt: Benetton.


fröken lila hat gesagt…

lecker lecker! mango-lassie wär jetzt grade richtig.. aber es ist spät, daher gibt es einen einschlaftee mit lavendel..

mapetiteamy hat gesagt…

That looks amazingly yummy! You're a talented girl!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Das Essen sieht ja mal lecker aus :)... und dein Outfit ist auch toll.

sueper hat gesagt…

You look so cute - and the mango-lassie seems delish

Dotti hat gesagt…

Thank you for complementing my moderate cooking abilities, girls. :)

lopi hat gesagt…

I love improvising with whatever there is in my fridge. Maybe I should start taking pictures too!

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