Mittwoch, 30. April 2008

Sweets for the sweet.

I’m a bit in love. Feels like I might just have found the perfect jewelry – with the help of Cherry Blossom Girl. It’s actually a complete collection sold by a shop called The French Factory. They got everything a girl desires… cherries, sweets, bunnies... all just designed for the purpose to embellish. I’m breathless.


A spoonful of mint hat gesagt…

Lovely :)

Vintage Darling hat gesagt…

i love them too. i think i want everything. i could just eat it.


(yes, we write about the same stuff, i guess we both have excellent taste)

August hat gesagt…

The red things are just sooooo cute! Love the necklace and cherry earrings.

Frances hat gesagt…

Thanks for linking me ! :--)

Also, I love that shop - I could buy everything they have!

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