Montag, 12. Mai 2008

Roses, cherries, gingham and a green salad.

Everything out there is in full blossom. This morning I wanted that for myself, too. Thanks to my huge wardrobe it's not been a problem. It felt like picking flowers when I chose one piece of clothe after the other. First the long cherry gingham skirt, then my rosy blouse and at last my pink rose slippers. All items I left out in the cold for years. I'm happy that all three of them forgave me that little fauxpas and made my day comfy.

Blouse: Vintage, second hand store.
Skirt: Blutsgeschwister.
Loafers: Irregular choice.


dodo hat gesagt…

hi,i'm from taiwan.
i found your blog that is so cute.
your skrit is so beautiful!!

dodo hat gesagt…

wrong word!
is skirt.

Lo hat gesagt…

This outfit is totally stunnig!

Poetic Fashion hat gesagt…

I love this outfit. It's perfect for a nice spring day! Great choices. It that white band around your waist part of the shirt or is it something extra you added on?

Auntie Tati hat gesagt…

Wow, the light pink colour seems to suit you very well :) And those loafers are just plain cuteness (as the whole outfit in fact)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Those prints are adorable! You remind me of strawberry shortcake :)

The Clothes Horse hat gesagt…

You look so adorable.

Lady Melbourne hat gesagt…

Those shoes are delightful, wish I could get my hands on a pair.LM

August hat gesagt…

So cute in your pink and blossoms!

Vintage Darling hat gesagt…

oh, i love this combination. so pretty. you look like a summer dream.


Times of Glory hat gesagt…

Hi, thank you for stopping by. I always like seeing your pictures. You have the natural beauty - very soft, romantic and just like a ballerina. What's more is that you know how to match your personality with your style! For me, that's seriously brilliant! A great outfit for a great girl :)

Dresideria hat gesagt…

You look adorable! It made me feel like it is already summer, which it almost is, but anyway.

You seem to be a very creative and interesting girl. ^^

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh du hast immer so tolle Kombinationen an! Da passt einfach Alles!

softspoken hat gesagt…

oh! you look like a cherry blossom <3 so sweet!

Alice hat gesagt…

haha so funny shoes !

Dotti hat gesagt…

Dodo, oh thank you.

Lo, thanks, dear.

Poetic fashion, merci for your nice words. And: yes, the waistband is part of the skirt. But makes it wearable as a dress to. Great, isn't it?

Auntie Tati, ;) Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Unwise pedestrian, ooooooooh, that's so nice of you.

Lady Melbourne, you should hae a look on eBay. Bought them a few years ago, but they might appear somewhere again... Still hae them in other prints as well ;)


Vintage Darling, you're the sweetest!

Times of glory, your lovely words make me blush a little. Thanks.

Dresideria, thanks for your sweet words. Ayou're right: it's summer! We all love strolling around in cute dresses, don't we?

Nadine, ui, DANKE! :)

Softspoken, I'd love to be indeed, my dear.

Alice, yes! They are kind of funny. I feel like sticking my feet intolittle cupcakes every time wearing those... ;)

Lou hat gesagt…

Hello Dotti, I'm from France , it's the third time that I visit your blog and I really love your charming way of life! It's very fresh and lovely, you look like a modern Snow-White!

my little fashion cabinet hat gesagt…


natalie hat gesagt…

so pretty

Dotti hat gesagt…

Lou, that's so kind. Feel free to come back any time – would love you to.

My little fashi..., na, besten Dank! ;)

Natalie, thanks and thanks and thanks again.

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