Mittwoch, 27. August 2008


Still not back on the road. Is it any wonder with those late August days easily being mistaken as November? Speaking of November, I wore a a big bowed turtle-neck sweater yesterday. Warm and cosy and white. As white as a perfect winter should be.

Jumper: H&M, Viktor&Rolf edition.
Underneath: some leisure pants. Lalalalala.


Betty Lou hat gesagt…

I might be going to Berlin soon and i would like some tips on great places to go, besides Brandenburger tor, Checkpoint Charlie and so on.

I want to buy lots and lots of clothes & shoes from the 40's & 50's :D

Sarah-Lou hat gesagt…

Ooooh you're beautifl - your pull-over is perfect!

the freelancer's fashionblog hat gesagt…

Oh, I love that sweater but it was totally sold out by the time I got myself to the nearest H&M store at that time...

It's totally november-ish here too. I think it's beem the worst summer ever! RIght now Iäm freeezing.

WendyB hat gesagt…

Cute sweater!

gem fatale hat gesagt…

Gosh you're gorgeous!
I love your blog, only just discovered it! x

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