Montag, 6. Juli 2009


Heute war mein letzter Arbeitstag. Zumindest für kurze Zeit. Denn bereits in sechs Tagen geht es anderswo weiter. Die kostbaren Stunden dazwischen werde ich also nutzen um all das zu machen, wonach mir der Sinn steht. Über Anregungen, München-Tipps oder was auch immer bin ich überdurchschnittlich dankbar.

I quit my job today. Next Monday I'm going to start over again. At a different agency. And those prescious six days until then will be nothing but sparetime. Yeah!

P.S. I received the sweetest surprise today. I will show you tomorrow.

P.P.S. I enjoyed all your DIY competition entries a lot!
I'm going to announce the happy winner of a lovely customized shirt pretty soon.

Shirt, skirt and leggings: H&M.

Jacket: Blutsgeschwister.
Boots: Vintage.
Fox scarf: Lazy Oaf.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Dotti!

Sorry I've been so distant, I've had a lot going on... and so have you I see! :)

First of all: congratulations on changing your workplace, that's such a brave desicion! I'm sure your next job will be much more fun! And also I'd like to send you a delayed happy birthday! :)

I haven't recieved your package yet, I'm still waiting with excitement! Have you gotten the one I sent you?

You look so adorable, by the way!

Mary Sue

a cat of impossible colour hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your new job!

I was wondering if you had any advice on things to see and do in Berlin? My husband and I are visiting in August and we'd love some tips. :)

A xx

Dotti hat gesagt…

Dear Mary Sue, thank you for your well wishes. I hope it's not too stressful for you now.

And yes! I received your little parcel today. It was such a great surprise. Your sweet words, the perfect dress and the marmelade... Thanks so much! I will post about it tomorrow. And hope that the package I sent is with you soon.

Love, Dotti

Andrea dear, I will go and think! Promised. Love, Dotti

a cat of impossible colour hat gesagt…

Thanks so much, Dotti! I knew you would know all the good places. :) I really appreciate it!

Enjoy your holiday

A xx

elena-lu hat gesagt…

good luck on your new job! and have fun with the time off :)

The Clothes Horse hat gesagt…

Pretty dress! Good luck with your new job and enjoy your break.

Dotti hat gesagt…

Dear Andrea, you are more than welcome. Of course you are.

Elena-lu, thankyou for your well wishes.

The clothes horse, thanks to ou, too, girl!

Love, Dotti

Claudia hat gesagt…

ach nö, nicht mehr bei sp? ;-)
ich habs dort dann auch nicht mehr ausgehalten, hehe...

darf man fragen, wo's dich nun hinverschlägt?

lg, claudia

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